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  1. As promised, some photos of our sad looking trailer. Any advice regarding what we should do with this trailer would be gratefully recieved. We don't really want to scrap it, but it has to go soon.
  2. If anyone is interested the Queen Mary trailer at Wickenby is most definately for sale ! I have taken photos from several angles to show it's current state. It was dragged out of the undergrowth, but the front drawbar broke away, but we have kept all the parts. As you can imagine it's in a poor state and will require extensive restoration. The local scrap dealer wanted to cut it up and take the steel, so this could be the last chance for it. the airfield owners want it removed, but would really like it saved by someone. Unfortunately we don't have the time to restore it ourselves, otherwise we would love to keep it. Photos will follow on Monday when I'm back at work. Phil
  3. Just to introduce myself, My name is Phil Hoeft. I am an engineer at Wickenby, working directly for the airield owners. We have a small RAF museum which may be of interest to forum readers, stocked with WW2 memorobilia and documentation. perhaps you would like to visit our website. http://www.wickenbyairfield.com If anyon has any questions about Wickenby, I will try to answer, or at least try to find an answer. Regards Phil
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