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  1. Thanks for the info.... A deac browning .30 cal is around £1200-£1500 for a nice one, but is this past the point of getting your money back in a few years time? I would hope it would still go up in value, and better than 2.5% in a long term ISA investment. Someone said to me at the last event, that I should buy a real one as this will give me a great feeling of owning a piece of history. This would also stop people taking the p--s... I just wish i could find an American air base in England during the war which had a jeep with a Bren gun fitted, as this would be a reasonable price compared to the Browning. A fair price for a great Browning .30 cal GPMG Copy........ I'm thinking a nice job just for the gun....£300-£500 ??? Half the trouble is that you only have to enter an engineering company doors and that's £200 Cheers chaps.
  2. Thinking of getting a Browning .30 cal GPMG for my jeep. Not buying a deact, cos of the now huge cost!! So, has anyone bought one from Crossfire replica's as from the limited pitures it look good. Having already had help from you lot before, it would be good to know what you all think. Muckabouts look ok, but? Any other advice would be good. cheers.
  3. I'm looking to buy a rep because of the huge cost of recent de-acts. Firstly, has anyone heard of DMZ replica's or knows anyone who has bought from this site... There is no phone number to ring and ask about there products. It seem its just internet based. I'm reluctant to buy from anywhere that I can't ring them and discuss. The prices appear to be good for the carbine. £135-£150. Or do you know something better that is reasonably priced. Any info to guide me would be of great help. I am a member of an Re-enactment group with public liability insurance. Many thanks. gadgit.
  4. Recieved a volume screw for the carb (there was not one) and removed the section that had been put in place of the screw and spring..... and someone had broken the original off in the hole!!!! great... Considering it had to come out, whatever, I drilled the old one out with care.... Interesting thing is, I've found out how to remove it without damage to the hole and fuel feed. You start with a small drill and make sure its square to the entrance and end. Bear in mind that i tried all ways to shift it, but its small in there!! When you drill the second size, if you are lucky (and I was) the tapered end falls off, and you can feel it do so. Then just keep drilling slightly larger till you can tease the rest out...clean up, job done. Its not easy but can be done. As regards poor starting, I've also cured this as well... The screw that grips the wire inner to the choke conection had not been tight and had been slipping up and down the wire to not fully ingage the choke to raise the tickover to start the car. So after all had been done, it started second turn over, with raised tickover (never done that before) so I am very happy. hope this helps for anyone else. gadgit.
  5. I believe I have found the problem....?? If the picture is clear enough, please see the area where the volume (mixture) slow running screw should be?? Why someone would attach a pipe in the adjustment screw area and block it off is beyound me. The only other question is why the carb number starts with an 'F' and then 32PBIC. Anyone know why its an 'F' (france?) I'm now presuming its just a 32PBIC and not an M32PBIC. I presume if all is well I will just need a new adjuster with spring to be back to normal.
  6. Having some small issue with slow running (hunting) I checked through the info in the book to cure it. M201 in the books all say M32PBIC or 32PBIC. Well I cannot find a volume screw with spring to adjust the mix for idle. After pulling my hair out over the festive period the torch came out and I found the inscription on the carb. F32 PBIC ? there is not! a Volume scew that I can see, and no place for one either. Firstly, has anyone else got one of these on their Hotchkiss jeep/ It could just be that the points/ plugs need a reset and clean up and it might disappear ?? I'm happy to do that having spent half my life with MGB's Any info on the F32PBIC would be of great value. Many thanks gadgit.
  7. Hi Everyone, Have just bought my First jeep, a 1962 hotchkiss, Ex reciolless rifle. Its in great condition, and runs well. Bought from a well known show runner in southern England! Its been restored to a good standard in 2011 and is very good all round with no apparent problems at this stage. Looking forward to next spring and summer shows. Cambridge Area. gadgit.
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