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  1. I acquired my BSA WDM20 in 1973 it came from Dorchester in bits. I know a bit about its history. It was despatched from BSA 22/9/41 no 55109 went to the Ministry of Supply Frame No WM20 45799 and was sent in a batch of Frame Nos 44213 - 53212 delivered to Chilwell, I would like to know what happened to it after that. here's hoping, I have since got info from Key Card as follows:- WD.No 46 YD 39 Chassis No 45799 Converted from 1401958 Contract C9310 Unit to ASC Date 19/11/67 Can anyone tell what the numbers other than the chassis no. mean I assume it was sold in 1967 to the person I bought it from in 1973 Regards Jim
  2. Hello I,m Jim, Just turned 60 and still in full time work as electrical fitter, I like old bikes, so thought you would be like minded. I like dancing as well but thats another story. Hope to find some info on my 1941 BSA WDM20.
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