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  1. Thanks, I'm quite excited!!!!! The lorry thats going to fetch it has a 50 ton hi-ab, I wasnt sure about the eyes though but if they are lift points then it should be fine. Its a 1952 Mk1. I have written the rest down but i can't find it. I'll post it up when it arrives.
  2. Hello, I have recently bought my self a Mk1 Ferret. Im going to pick it up on friday but whilst it is free runnig it isnt able to run up the lorry under its own power (Yet!). I noticed what looks like lifting eyes above the spring mountings on each wheel. Are these for lifting the vehical or am i in for a push? Please help.
  3. Hi, My names Ben, new to the forum so i thought I'd introduce myself. Currently without a military vehical but I'm desprately surching for a Daimler Ferret to add to the collection of other little treasures in the yard.
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