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  1. FordsonET6

    Hi there Newbie from Australia

    No, I am not but we do have the only two flying Spitfires in Australia at our Aviation Museum plus the only flying Boomerang in the world.
  2. FordsonET6

    Hi there Newbie from Australia

    Thanks Ray, I don't think I will want that much turf !!!!!
  3. FordsonET6

    Hi there Newbie from Australia

    Hi Andy, Here are some pictures of the old truck, I had to tow it out with my 4wd ute before we could load it onto the trailer.
  4. Hi all, My name is David and I live in Rural New South Wales Australia. I have a Fordson ET6 1948 build with a Flathead V8 which I am restoring to use in my business as a Gardener/Lawnmower and Greenkeeper. I am going to fit a Tipper tray on it and use it for my gardening run. Should be very distinctive. I will be changing the electrics to 12volts and putting a few more modern bits and pieces on it. I will keep the outer facade the same as orginal but the mechanics will be up dated slightly. I hope to be able to find some bits and pieces for my truck within the people of this forum. Cheers David