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  1. It has been some time since my last posting on the subject of the VCR Bill. My apologies for that but we in the Airsoft world really could do with your help and the help of re-enactors. Despite our intense and well put argument the Government has decided that Airsoft players do not warrant an exemption. Instead they are suggesting we use dayglo or transparent guns. This is not about control but a simple desire to humiliate and demene what they consider to be a childish activity. We are fighting on and have managed to put up a reasonable blocking action in the Lords. I know there are many MV owners who are Airsofters and I would welcome any action that those amongst you who share an interest in Airsoft to write to your MP. There is no doubt that we are being used as a sacrificial lamb on a cosmetic level. We are the thin end of the wedge and if they are allowed to get away with the spurious arguments about Airsoft then we all need to ask Who next? What is that saying "They came for the Jews..... As Chairman to the United Kingdom Airsoft Sites I can confirm that we are doing all we can, but we need some heavy guns.
  2. I came to join the forum by accident really. I run an Airsoft site in the West midlands (Fireball Squadron). Each year we run an International game with teams from all over Europe. Thinking about next year I was toying with the idea of having military vehicles on site. Whilst this thought was running through my mind a Military Landrover Truck, complete with camo netting pulled up behind me. This was a sign! Pulled over and spoke to driver who suggested I link onto this forum. Really helpful. I do have a military landy of my own, In fact the Squadron has 5 landrovers altogether 3 of which are used as game scenarios. Being of a more mature age than the usual airsofter (62) I am also involved as the Chairman of the UKASGB. United Kingdom Airsoft Sites Governing Body. In this capacity we am trying to alter the course of the VCR Bill. Once I have thought through how we might create something of interest to all MVO's in the West Mids it is my intention to post it.
  3. I came to be on this forum as a result of a meeting I had with an enthusiast of Military Vehicles. When I saw the VCR bill thread I clicked on as this is something I am very much involved in through my own interest which is running an Airsoft and military game site in the West Mids. Like you Airsoft players will be badly effected by the VCR bill. In fact it will kill the activity altogether in the long term. The UKASGB which is the Governing Body for Airsoft sites is fighting all the way and I thought you would be interested to see what another group is doing to argue it's cause. Together we stand, and all that. To view all correspondence on this matter try http://www.ukasgb.org
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