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  1. Many thanks for your help in identifying the Royal Scots Greys. I contacted their group and members identified the tank commander as Sgt George Mitchell. I think they are still working on the other fellow. Thanks very much.
  2. Hi, I was working in Aden -- Forces Broadcasting and as a news photographer. In 1962/63 I did a story of a patrol in the East Aden Protectorate and we met a British tank patrol. I took some photographs and since then I have lost the notes. Can anyone help in identifying. I think they were either from the Royal Tank Regiment or the Hussars. What type are the tanks, etc? I'm writing an autobiography with pictures and would like to use. The pictures are on their own page at my website -- http://www.angelfire.com/nj/healing/tanksinaden.html. Also, can anyone identify the hot springs in the last pictures, which was a favorite haunt of desert patrols? Any help would be much appreciated. My email is robert-egby@twcny.rr.com or robert_egby@yahoo.com. PS: Thanks for all your help. I have gone back to the original negatives and done blow-ups mugshots of the tank crew to try and identify the beret badges. That's in Photo 3. They look like Royal Scots Greys, right? PPS: Several sources confirm the Royal Scots Greys were in Aden during the 1963 Emergency before being posted back to Germany a year later. If anyone could identify the crew members that would be the icing on the cake. Maybe I'm asking too much. Thanks. I'm impressed with the great and informed responses from this group.
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