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  1. Luckily i willbe moving to within 2 miles of the new venue! I should be able to get my rust bucket there! :cool2: I noticed that the whole of the racecourse is open! will Rex be fitting security fencing around the whole place including the camping area, otherwise its will be unsecure and open for our friend the pikies to come and visit.
  2. Not at all. im just showing that you dont need a fake landy to raise lots of money for H4H. the thread started off mentioning the fake snatch, the owner claims he used it for fundraising for H4H and suddenly every one changes face and starts praising the fake snatch.... its still a fake regardless of what its used for! do you not agree. its great that he uses it for fundraising however it still a fake snatch (in my opinion a bad fake) but the thread was all about the fake snatch, so why change it all to "oh well done sir its a great vehicle..." that bit i dont understand. please dont take this as a personal attck etc as its not. i just cant see why people are now suddendly praising it.
  3. I must be one of the rivet counter as ya say! :cool2: however i have raised 12.5k for help for heroes and by end of september it will be approx 15k all in 5-6months.... :nut: oh well oh and all done with pure blood n sweat! good work collecting for H4H though.
  4. The vehicle looks like it was done by my 8yr old. Gaffer tape and plyboard! the grills look like they cam of an old trolly! i wouldnt even say it was a good attempt at replicating a real snatch.... All i can say is.... WHY???? :shocked:
  5. Im in Kent. I have been googling for days! :yawn: there seems to be very little around and all pics etc that i can find are green or sand. I heard somewhere about the cyprus camo and also a trial black. However i can not find any pictures of these!
  6. Do you know of any films that contain austin champs by any chance? :shocked:
  7. Any chance of a pic or two? :cool2:
  8. Hi all Im the proud owner of an Austin Champ, its a rolling restoration that i will do over the winter. Its my first MV however i have 2 mates who both have Champs! now this is my problem one has a dessert version and the other is the good old gloss green! Im trying to decide what colour to go for as i dont want the same as them and someone has said that in cyprus they had a camo version which was sand/green coloured. I have searched hi and low and can not find anything that matches this. Does anyone have any details on such a colour scheme? or an alternative colour? (not navy or rmp) Cheers
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