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  1. Hello Folks. I have recently come across your website while trying to locate the vehicle records formerly held by The Museum of Army Transport. I was referred to this site by Bob, formerally of the above mentioned museum. This motorcycle came to the United States in late 1972. The state of last registration is listed as Europe. The motorcycle appears to have been purchased on or near 11/11/72. The previous owner’s name is Richard K. Schultheis and he lived here in the US in Woodstock, Illinois. This information is from the original US title which I have. The motorcycle is stamped on the frame with a serial number of 28996 and the engine is stamped with TRW 28996 NA. The bike still has the original front and rear license plates attached. The license plate number is 00 EN 43. This number is on the front plate and is painted onto the rear license plate holder. Currently the bike shows approximately 9200 miles. I would appreciate any information you can find on this bike. I have a digital camera so if you require additional photographs, please email me and I can have them back to you in a short time. Also, if you can refer me to anywhere that might have additional information, I would greatly appreciate it. I would really appreciate any history you can find on this bike as it has a great amount of sentimental value to me. Thank you in advance for your efforts.
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