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  1. thanks am making progress just digesting the manuals from the fb group
  2. oh yes thats good. i guess they were doing site maintainence last night. i was worried they had gone out of business. i also found this company who looks useful for refurbing old brakes and clutches. https://www.autoandindustrial.co.uk/ thanks
  3. thanks guys! do you know which of the 3 in the link will fit? have you fitted one? thanks
  4. and green machine surplus just replied that the only mk2 documents they have is the parts list, the others are mk1 and from what ive read the wiring is different on those, any one know the other main diferences between mk1 and 2? many thanks for all the replies i wasnt expecting so much interest
  5. thanks mate i did contact borg and beck but as usual the name has been sold several times over the years and is now part of firstline parts. the technical guy was helpful and said he can have a look if i give him all the dimensions but they only do upto 10" clutches. thanks
  6. thanks mate i try to avoid the faceache but will voyage in for a look. did anyone find a clutch part no or other vehicles that have the same one, there was speak of it on other threads but the trail seemed to go cold. will post some pics once i get her here on sunday. maybe start a new thread. thanks
  7. thanks mate i had seen their manuals on ebay but they seem to mainly be mk1 and im on a tight budget hence why i buy old semi working equipment with potential rather than new so will buy manuals when required but would rather save money for the parts i will likely have to source. have already aquired a slightly moldy perkins engine manual but any other sources of info welcome. thanks
  8. hi just bought this off ebay still working out transport if anyone has any suggestions https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eager-beaver-Miltary-Forklift-for-restoration/153974475862?hash=item23d9980c56:g:gMEAAOSwYgle6fet#vi__app-cvip-panel i went up and we managed to get the engine started after a few melted battery terminals we found the right place to jump start her and she fired up nice and quick and not much smoke when running(only ran her for a minute as no water in her so didnt want to overheat). clutch is stuck and throws out alot of water from the clutch lever opening as the cover is missing so if anyone has a clutch part number and or pics/place to source the cover(guessing it was a rubber boot?) elecrtics look like they need redoing but doesnt seem to be very complex schematics welcome though. tyres hold air and only showing small signs of perishing. apparently he has fork extensions in his yard which is good as i need to put an old ambulance box on a truck as one of her first jobs. ive bought this to use not intending a full restore now as dont have the time. i have a few older rustier machines (lang junior lathe ex mod Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) farnborough research establishment,and 2l van norman milling machine)need moving and i no longer have access to a forklift. does anyone have scans of service manuals/parts lists and dimensions of the crane hook attachment i want to make one of those up for removing engines etc. im based near southampton and work for myself doing mechanics, solar pv, gardening, woodwork and general engineering/welding(also festival work whe theyre on) thanks for looking, love the forum, i have been a lurker for years and now im one of you
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