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  1. Thank Jenk, thank Ron for your informations.
  2. thank you for the information, I have seen the triumphwd site and as soon as possible I register with my bikes.I believe that you are right about the chassis n.TL.35774,I did not think that the engine number is also important for the identity of the bike, now I send the photos .. TL.35774. Motor . 53847 TL.34216. Motor. 44216
  3. Good morning everyone, I have been looking for a Triumph 3hw for a long time and now I have two to restore (almost three) .I have seen that it is possible to go back through the chassis number and data including the registration number on the tank ... I don't want to be too indiscreet but someone can help me ... thank you for your time. TL 34216. Tec 1.43 TL 35774 Tec 3.44 The chassis number 35774 has two small marks at the beginning and end of the numbers and the other one does not have them..
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