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  1. This is the first time of approaching this website and I write to ask if your members would be interested in attending, with their vehicles of course, the City of Lincoln VE Day 75 commemoration on May 8th 2020. I am a member of the organising committee (Colonel Retd) and I know there is an enthusiastic community of owners of vintage military vehicles in Lincolnshire and in adjoining counties. On Armed Forces Day there has been attendance on Lincoln High Street (Jeeps, motor cycles and others) so I wondered if anyone would be interested in putting on a display for the afternoon of the 8th May 2020 in the 'Lawn' complex near Lincoln Castle? The area will designated a display area and have security provided by the City. Members of the public and Service Associations will mingle prior to a planned open air concert in the evening. If your members are interested please could they contact me on this email address. Yours sincerely, Geoff Newmarch
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