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  1. Many thanks for the advice guys n gals. I've decided on a Ex army Mog due to ease of repairs and parts availability. 

    Can anybody see a issue with one as a daily drive. My jeep V8 does 15-20mpg anyway so couldn't see fuel being a Issue unless trying to pull the Empire State Building.  I'd get fast axles and intercooler upgrade for better road manners. 

    Now to book Theory and hazard perception. 

    Thouhts from the more experienced please. 





  2. 3 hours ago, Mk3iain said:

    They seem to tick many of the right boxes for Paul, I still like the limber though.

    What sort of price would they command?? Also parts availability? If it's anything like Jeep parts then I'd sway more towards a Mog. 

    Had to ring the  states last year 3200miles away and get parts as my local dealer were less then useless. Complete ducking joke to be honest. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Mk3iain said:

    Dare I say Bedford MJ or DAF, perhaps a Foden 6x6 gun limber?

    DAF can't be fitted with rear locker unless I spend billions on a custom set up.

    6x6 can't be used as a off road  toy as it's over width limit I'm given to understand?

  4. On 3/14/2019 at 7:35 PM, johnwardle said:

    The diff lock on a T244 works on the centre diff, like Range Rover, to convert it to rear diff locking would mean a complete new diff with locking mechanism, which would cost megabucks as the axles were specific to T244 and made by Albion which no longer exists.

    Regards chassis flexing, they were designed to flex just like the Bedford.

    Many thanks for your reply. Was thinking of alternative if I couldn't find a U1300L with the om352, fast axles and RHD.

  5. Evening.

    can the T244 be fitted with a aftermarket rear locker from the likes of ARB to avoid being cross axled?


    did the later 5T ones  solve the chassis bending issue when winching/recovery off road.



  6. Good evening. 

    My names Paul. completely new to this sort of thing after coming from a life of fast cars. Currently in throws of doing HGV tickets and next onto tracked ticket. 

    My aim is to buy a Ex army Unimog for off roading weekends and the odd show.

    what else is everybody running that's quite modern and a possible alternative??





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