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  1. Thanks for the brochure imfo. MUGAF, but I am seeing just an image, not a PDF. Is there something I need to do to see it as a PDF? Thanks for your pic, too, Radiomike7. That shows the subtlety of the cab form that I am after.
  2. Nice pics, Mike. I can omly speculate ast to why it was set up like this. I know our load/length laws were different than elsewhere, thus the SAR Kenworth. Obviously you can quite easily carry a Cent using just 18 tyres, you don't need the 50 of the Aus Army setup! It might even have been to lower the ground pressure for a level of off-road ability.
  3. I always wondered that myself, Mike. That is such a long way up off the ground. Why not a well-deck or low-loader configuration? From memory, the main trailer pivot is pretty much over the dolly bogie, so very little load on the fifth wheel at all. Except for the weight of the enormous dolly itself, of course! Actually, it is a fair wayforward of the bogie centre, so there would be significant weight on the tractor fifthwheel.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a scale modelling project in the planning stages. I want to make an Aussie Vietnam-era tank transport combination in 1:25 scale. I have the Tamiya Cent that I will build and modify to Aus spec, and I may have a source for drawings for the trailer and dolly. What I have been unable to find are a good set (or even a single one!) of dimensioned technical drawings of a Leyland / Scammell Contractor. I have heaps of photos of one in a museum here, but no drawings. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction where I might source such drawings? I have been combing the web looking for years. You can find my pics, and many other MV walkaround galleries, on my website: grubby-fingers-aircraft-illustration.com. I look forward to hearing your ideas. Kind regards, Graeme (Grubby Fingers) Molineux.
  5. Hi Guys, Graeme Molineux here from Melbourne, Australia. While I am not an MV owner, I do have a strong interest and I take heaps of photos whenever I get the chance. I share these for free on my website, but I will tell you about that elsewhere. I am also a scale modeller, and a technical illustrator, specialising in side views of aircraft mainly, but I have a few MVs done now as well. My main reason for joining is to find reference information for a couple of model builds I am planning, and for help with my illustrations. I look forward to chatting and sharing info with you! All the best, Graeme.
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