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  1. Haha yeah he was! Cheers! Yeah I did in the end, managed to get the parts I need brand new of a guy on eBay! Very lucky! Just need to wire up the lights and swap two tires and she’s ready for the open road!
  2. I didn’t see anyone with a red flag? Haha
  3. She lives! First drive in over 35 years! Loved it! IMG_9871.MP4
  4. Amazing cheers! A water temp gauge and sender would be great if you’ve got one? I found where the sender should go and it’s been removed and a plate has been braised over the top haha.
  5. This is currently what I’m working with. and this is what it should look like, I assume the top left gauge is water temp?
  6. Im trying to fit a water temp gauge on the thornycroft and I’m struggling to find how it would have been fitted from factory as it seams everything on mine is missing! any info would be great! Thanks kyle.
  7. I’ve managed to get both parts thanks guys! The info given really helped 😀
  8. I couldn’t agree more! Cheers.
  9. Any idea where I might find some?
  10. I don’t actually have the manual, that’s just a pic I found on google. I also can’t find the other bit haha.
  11. I appear to be missing these two parts from my carb! anyone know what they are? A jet of some kind?
  12. Anyone know where I might get these two bits for a solex 40nnip? Running on a Rolls-Royce b80.
  13. That’s what I thought! The dynamo puts out prefect voltage to it’s the reg that’s gone down! Not sure how to move forward now, maybe some more investigation and see if it can be repaired.
  14. Hello! Sorry I didn’t see your reply, yes it was! I managed to trace the problem down to the regulator box! One of the coils inside are fried, probably from the way it was wired previously 😫
  15. Thanks! I wasn’t sure When I first put it on but now it’s grown on me haha. Does the job though so I’m happy 😀
  16. Today I’ve been making some bits. Some original and some not. here’s a side light bracket I was missing. and then with the replica for the near side. i was also missing a fuel filler which was looking hard to get hold of at the moment and with the test drive up the yard I thought was needed, so I knocked this up! It’s nothing like the original but will do the job all the same! Before. After.
  17. Thanks! I agree! The workmanship and build quality is amazing! I real piece of history.
  18. Hello mike! I’ll go grab the chassis number tomorrow! I’d like to ask how current your information is? As mine is 38 AF 36? ahh brilliant info thanks 😊
  19. It is indeed! Yes runs very well! I was very surprised, don’t think it’s run in over 30 years.
  20. Thought I’d post up a picture of my Nubian fire tender. I believe now the oldest in existence! With only 3 or 4 surviving now. im sure I’ll be trying to pick your brains regarding the restoration and getting her back on the road.
  21. Plunged head first into the charging system on my Nubian tonight! If anyone has any info and or wiring diagrams it would be really appreciated! Getting no charge at all from the dynamo, it appears that someone has been having a go at getting it working before and the wiring was all over the place so we decided to remove it all and bench test it. would you say these brushes have had it? I’m very new to all this military stuff so I’m not sure how it should all look.
  22. Managed to sort it guys! Thanks for all the help! Many more questions to follow I’m sure!
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