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  1. I'm after the dimensions of Polsten magazines and their wooden boxes so that I can get some model ones mastered and cast. I have diagrams of the magazine and photos of the boxes, and the weapon handbook, just no dimensions. There was a thread on HMVF about magazine boxes for sale a while back and I have asked the seller if he still had the dimensions but I've had no reply after several weeks. Can anyone help me out with dimensions of the box mag, single and double mag boxes? Actually, if anyone has a dimensioned drawing of the weapon itself that would be useful. The only model currently available in 1/35 doesn't look right: receiver and recoil spring shroud allegedly too long and barrel too short.
  2. Appreciating that there are companies who make replicas, have you tried contacting Manroy Engineering to see if they have any deactivated ones or display models available??? They make the real thing here in the UK. If there's a market for replicas maybe they might be persuaded to make those too. I used to know a couple of guys at the company (I bought all UK military small arms from 2008-12) but I've lost touch.
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