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  1. I can imagine the bike is build from spare parts. It seems to me very coincidental that the frame as well as the engine has no number. And I dont know if the partnumber under the headstock F1642 is stamped standard in all frames. Maybe it is build together just after the bombing of the Triumph factory when it was chaos probably. I have no possibilty for a serious forensic examination, but I will try to remove the scratches and clean the side of the headstock better. Thanks for all your help so far. Jan
  2. Ron, thanks for the advice. I have looked for that place but there was no number. (see the first picture.) I have removed the paint, but nothing. I have also made a picture of my engine without a number. Only my gearbox seems to have a number. I have a mystery 3HW, It is a mystery to me.
  3. I cannot find any engine number on my 3HW. On the standard place, at the left side of the engine under the cylinder, there is nothing. And also the framenumber in the upper ring of the ball head is missing. The only numbers I have found are TEC 942, Triumph Engineering Company September 1942, but that is the date the motorcycle was given to the army. The other number F1642, is in the neck of the ball head and is probably a partnumber of Triumph.
  4. Hello, I am Jan Wijker from Holland. I own a Ford GPW jeep 1945 and a Triumph 3HW 1943 in army outfit. Since I am retired since 1 year I finally have more time for a serious restoration of the two vehicles. So I hope this forum will help with my search for information. Regards, Jan
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