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  1. Hi . I am restoring an RB44 and I’m looking for storage in Kent that would allow me to store and work on it. Nothing major , just the odd oil change , bit of painting and allow me to occasionally de-mount the radio pod on the back ( I can make my own gantry if needed). Can anyone help ? Photo of similar attached. Thanks Steve
  2. I wonder if this might work ? https://www.cclcomponents.com/victron-adapter-cord-32a-3-to-1-phase-cee-plug-5p-cee-coupling-3p?gclid=COyI79CB_dMCFeoW0wodDKYDqg I will have to check that it fits one of the output sockets of the genny . It would seem to extract one phase so does that give me 110 (115) volts ? if modified by a professional electrician to tap 2 phases , does that give me 230 v ? I'm still hoping to find REME / RE portable tools like drills or lighting to fit if I can. Steve
  3. Thanks for commenting Richard. If there are no transformers available , can the tools still be found ? What sort of tools ? Drills ? Saws? Can anyone make up a safe adapter lead so that I can use one or two of the phases to run modern 240v or 110v tools ? BTW I think the handbook says 400Hz. Thanks Steve
  4. I've recently bought a portable two-stroke petrol generator circa 1969 and I'm pleased with its overall condition and military look. However , getting it to produce a useable output is going to be my biggest problem . Details that I have are : Generator Set , gasoline engine, AC 5KVA 208/115v 3 phase 400 Hz Maker Air-Log Part No. X2-6115-99-199-0598 Engine JLO L372 Two 5 pin star output sockets one rated at 25 amps and one at 16 amps Believed to have come out of Wellington Barracks. was there ever a splitter/transformer box that went with this to provide more useful outputs ? can a modern adapter be used ? hope someone can help. much obliged Steve
  5. Gentlemen , I must apologize if I have caused you uneccesary research . I naively believed that within PRC , NATO and Lucas part nos it would be straightforward to track the vehicle down. Thank you for all your help . Steve
  6. Hi Tony. I took your advice but I can't seem to access Clive's Corner. Is there another way to contact him ? Thanks Steve
  7. During my wanderings I found some wiring looms in a scrapyard. part no PRC 1234 NATO NID 5995-99-759-7492 Lucas p/n 51211029 new in bag. I have no idea what they fit. Scrappie thought they might be off a 24v LR ? I only run a 12v 110 defender and a 24v 101 FC Anyone know what they are normally fitted to ? An Internet search gets no results for me. Cheers Steve
  8. Thanks Tony. Yes 101 ownership -spares and petrol stations. I've found more holy grails than I have exhaust manifolds ! As I mentioned, I found some wiring looms in a scrapyard. part no PRC 1234 NATO NID 5995-99-759-7492 Lucas p/n 51211029 new in bag. I have no idea what they fit. Should I post this somewhere else ? Cheers Steve
  9. Hi ! My name is Steve and I live and work in SE London. i've had a Series three SWB and I'm now running a 110 Defender and a 24v 101 Forward Control. i'm always looking for 101 bits. i scour scrap yards and sometimes get lucky. i recently found a Yard with LR wiring looms new in bag. i don't know what they are for and they don't fit any of my vehicles . if someone could direct me to the appropriate forum here I can post details. Cheers Steve
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