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  1. Hi Mr. Sean N. , referring to the above conversation (last year) about old british BMC Austin Lorries Differential Carrier, do you have any news? Do You have any of them in stock? Thanks in advance for the cooperation. Best Regards Marco
  2. Hi Mr. Sean N. , I thank You for Your quick reply and Your interesting. These differentials were part of old cranes that were sold in the 70's and 80's but a lot of these cranes are still working, and since the reasonable difficulties about the availability , the issue is to have some as spare parts. That's why we try to find some directly in England , also because our supplier is an old man and his firm is over. My/our intention is to identify the right brand and model of truck just to give the right informations in case of making a request. Unfortunately , my knowledge about the british truck/lorry is not so big. About the dimensions,no problem : ask me the dimension that you require and I'll give you. Thank You in advance for your cooperation. Best Regards Marco
  3. Hi Mr. Sean N. I thank You very much for your quick reply and the enquiries about the history of this differential. I think, for us, it's becoming a sort of mystery. Our supplier has never mentioned the real brand of the differential , he's just told us that it's running out and so , just to try to solve the problem we tried to get it directly in England. Some dealer of salvage/scrap told us that it's a BMC Austin K9 , but we don't know anymore. Now during the last sale , I got back the damaged differential and I replaced the crown wheel and the pinion so that I can have one differential as spare part. Since you told us that it could belong to others Austin Truck models, I noticed that on the "new" crown wheel there are not the same codes that there were on the damaged one. As attachment, You'll find what I have just written before. I remain at Your disposal for any further information. Best Regards Marco OLD DAMAGED CROWN WHEEL AND PINION.pdf
  4. Hi Mr. Sean N. I thank You in advance for the cooperation. As attachments , You'll find the file (.pdf) where there are the pictures about the differential carrier that we are looking for. I'd be interested to the entire differential carrier , not to the whole rear axle. Otherwise, if there was the chance, I'd accept only the crown wheel and the pinion , since these are the items that are the most subject to the mechanical wear. I remain at Your disposal for any further information. P.S. That's the model of crane where there's the differential carrier (AUSTIN K9) Best Regards OLD BRITISH DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER.pdf
  5. Hi Folks , I thank You in advance for having the chance to be in this Military Forum. I work in an italian family business which operates in the field of self-propelled cranes. I'm writing to You , because our old models of cranes were equipped with a british differential gear . This item is part of an old Austin Truck called K9 . Does anyone of You can help me to find it?For example any company (used spare part truck or salvage)? I remain at Your disposal for any further information. Best Regards Marco
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