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  1. Hi Dave, I also have a "Q" Plate Snowtrac 2, I am sure you can change it but it depends who you speak to at DVLA. I am thinking about selling my Snowtrack if you know of anyone that is looking for one, I am needing to get two new leaf spring sets for the track tensioner, other than that it runs really well, it has had a conversion in an earlier life, it has a 1800 diesel engine in it. Reason for selling is I have had another project doing up a track dumper, only snag with it is I think the cylinder head gasket has gone, Yanmar engine, not sure how the repair is going to go on that one!. Regards Andrew
  2. Hi Dave & BoBo, Sorry for the lack of replying, its been a bit manic after the Beast from the East struck this area. Great Picture BoBo, no midges up there I bet! As mentioned we managed to break a spring leaf and damage an idler wheel, I contacted Owen's springs to see if they can help me but they haven't come back to me yet. The machine has had a fair bit of alterations done to it, it has had the engine replaced with an 1800 Ford Fiesta/Escort Diesel engine, it has lots of torque and is easy to control. it also has a converted Ifor Williams metal hood on the back rather than the canvas sheeting. The electric cooling fan wasn't working so I have temporarily wired it direct so it is basically running all the time I have had the ST for over a year now and sadly haven't had as much time on it as planned (Story of most of us on here I guess!!)I have to get a few things repaired on it example put breaks on it! the old brake bands are pretty tired with a broken hand brake cable, I am thinking about replacing the brake bands with brake discs and pads it. I would like to replace all the 4.0x4 tyres with solid tyres, half of them are these already, one of the 600x10 rear tyres has a tractor tread type tyre on it, it appears to work ok but I am scared it will catch and break the metal track guides. My plan is to get it running well enough so we can use it when on hill fencing jobs, it will give my guys something to run tools, their lunch bags! and some lighter materials out to the fence line, it will also give them shelter when the weather turns rough, we are working on a hill job at the moment which is about 1500-2000 feet, I have an old Nissan Terrano with 90% off road tyres, you would be amazed where this thing goes! I will get some picture put up when I get a chance.
  3. snowtracdave 10 Brigadier Dear Dave, Are you still on the topic of Snow Trac's? I thought you may be interested, I purchased an ST4 over a year ago, it was ex military, I believe it had been in the Falklands war! It is possibly the unit that is described with the Land Rover/ Ifor Williams back and Ford diesel conversion also with the lifting hooks etc. Although it is a runner I had to do a bit of work to it by replacing the glow plugs, tyres and bits and pieces. We have been using it the last few days to feed sheep in the deep snow from the "Beast from the East"! unfortunately one of the spring leafs has broken and destroyed the 400 x 4 tyres! not sure what went first, looks like I am going to have fun looking for replacement parts It would be great to hear back from you. Regards Andrew
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