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  1. morris commercial cs8

    Does any one have a spear driver seat SLIDERS for sale pls thank you
  2. morris commercial cs8

    No Mike they are New cups the original edges has rust in them you no how our cs8 was the cups took the most time to make .
  3. morris commercial cs8

    Some more things done two petrol tanks ready for cs8m
  4. morris commercial cs8

    THANK you John and from you too
  5. morris commercial cs8

    Some more things done two petrol tanks ready for cs8m
  6. morris commercial cs8

    NEED HELP does any one have or has a CS8 COMPRESSOR as i need some information off haw it is fitted to the chasis any photoes or setch is helpfull thank you as always for your help MARIO
  7. morris commercial cs8

    I would like to wish you all ,and your family's a happy New year and thank you for all the help you share Mario
  8. morris commercial cs8

    THANK you Mark it is very interesting but it is too much heavy. Best regards for New year
  9. morris commercial cs8

    Hello Mike i have send you an e mail that i receved them thank you mike for all the time you spear me. mike about the euro sreens as far as i no the early were brass but they changed to steel mine were still attached to the bulk head i will attaced few photos , if you need any measurment i can send Mike.
  10. morris commercial cs8

    here is some photoes off cntinuation of my restoration bonnet is nearly finished ero screens finished batrey box finished passenger foot bay finished head lamp brakets finished i would like to thank every one of you for your help and for your support.
  11. morris commercial cs8

    thank you very much that is exetly what i need that is why i ask , and i would like to thank every one for your support
  12. morris commercial cs8

    Hello all sorry for not write for a long time but i had some health problems , i want to wish you all and your familys happy christhmas and a happy new year full off strenght ,happyness and piece i have started again in the restoration ,does any one have a fuelcock that is in the dash board and a spedogear that is fitted on the gear box for cs8 for sale pls best regards mario malta
  13. morris commercial cs8

    Thanks Mike sorry if I am asking all the time but Without help I could not continue the restoration Thx for every thing Mario
  14. morris commercial cs8

    Hi All I need some help please Can any one send me the measurement For the battery box of the cs8 compresser Under the floor board on driver side thank You for your help. Mario
  15. morris commercial cs8

    Thank you Tom when it is ok with you Best regards Mario