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  1. morris commercial cs8

    Thanks Mike sorry if I am asking all the time but Without help I could not continue the restoration Thx for every thing Mario
  2. morris commercial cs8

    Hi All I need some help please Can any one send me the measurement For the battery box of the cs8 compresser Under the floor board on driver side thank You for your help. Mario
  3. morris commercial cs8

    Thank you Tom when it is ok with you Best regards Mario
  4. morris commercial cs8

    Hello Tom if you have any photos of the sides can you Send me to see if I am correct what I am doing.thx Best regards mario
  5. Truck seats

    If you need photos of the seats of chevrolet cmp I can Take for you . Mario malta
  6. morris commercial cs8

    Hello Tom is it possible to send me those photos please Sorry for trabiling you thanks Mario
  7. morris commercial cs8

    This week I nearly have the driver side Complete put some photos later this week I received some more parts for cs8. I would like to say thanks to those who sold the Parts.
  8. morris commercial cs8

    Hi Mike I have already tried to get them out but all snapped Except 2 even I heated them with the Berner still they Snapped the for the advice. Mike do you any one that have a cs8 compressed I need the donations for the battery box Under the driver side Nicolas Sawyer send me some good photos I wold like to say big thanks, but I need some measurements pls any one have is appriciatod.
  9. morris commercial cs8

    Hi Mike the narrow part off the kingpin is 23.1 mm The thick side is 29 mm On the box there is cv 11/40 Mike John walker had king pins sett for sale for the cs8 If you need his address I have he is a very helpful guy
  10. morris commercial cs8

    Mike I think all the British ww2 veichel where like that As Bedford , Austin the front wider then the rear maybe For stability the Mike
  11. morris commercial cs8

    Mike I wish I lived near I can give you a hand , if it will be comfortable for you I need the measurement for the long tool box after the passinger foot well out of the petrol tank When you are comfortable the.
  12. morris commercial cs8

    Hello Mike I did not know about that panel when you Can some measurements pls thanks always
  13. Bedford MWD restoration

    Nice work Jeremy you can do another for me while you Are on the heat the second is easier they say ha ha Looking forword to photo finish keep it up
  14. morris commercial cs8

    Thank you Mike that is exactly the plate missing . Mario
  15. morris commercial cs8

    Hi Tom if you have some spare time send me some pictures to copy the driver side panels the Marioj