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  1. I'm also looking for American WWII artillery if anyone has anything for sale. American guns are more tricky to import b/c I believe they require approval from the State Department...
  2. well, I'm aware that there are deactivation requirements, but I don't know specifics on this model yet. the ATF is VERY slow in sending out deact diagrams.
  3. thanks, 90- Bob, I'm importing to the USA.:-D
  4. Hello HMVF crew, I'm in the process of buying a Russian (I think) D-30 Howitzer (pictures below). we're having trouble locating all the pertinent info on this rig for importation purposes, though, and I hope someone here can help. Where will we find the serial number stamped on this thing?? there's a number on the breech, but it doesn't look like a serial#. Also, we can't even find a data plate with the manufacturer listed. Any ideas? TIA
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