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  1. The term KP stands for Body Armour (Karosseri Pansar). Both Volvo and Scania Vabis Kp-manufactured cars by building on the chassie m/1942 with an armored body. The vehicles came to be known VKP (Volvo) or SKP (Scania). It has built about 350 Kp-cars. In 1956 they were armed with a double machine gun m/1936. Baptisam for Kp-cars were in Swedish UN Staff in Congo 1961st They were equipped with a specially constructed tower to protect the machine gunner. Kp-cars became so popular among other nations' UN battalions that they refused to continue their service unless they also were supplied with Kp-cars.
  2. Yes. will buy it next weekend.
  3. The story. During my holiday me and my family passed a small village in mid sweden, I saw an armoured mv at an farm. My family don´t share my intrest so we didn´t stop. Two weeks later I was invited to a party at a neighbor, they were all chefs and not att all intrested in vehicles. How ever one of the lads showed some intrest in my UAZ 469 that I used that night, this lad turned up to be the brother of the on who owned the armoured truck. Next weekend its off to the farm for some business. PS. Not my on the picture but similar.:cool2: This is an SKP m/42 Scania. -42 "Scania Bodywork,Armoured"
  4. It's very nice museum, I'm visited this five years ago. However its missing it's canon!!!! But it's still one left in Norway http://www.kanonmuseet.no/
  5. I have a lot of pictures and videos from there. I'm going to try to put them in an album.
  6. On the island Hiiumma (Dagö) in Estonia there is several un touch bunkers from WW2 and the cold war. There is an Estonian web site dedicated to them, but it's hard to understand. Here is the goodies from the site, lot of pictures. I'm visited all of this sites some years ago and will son go back to explore them further. http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/tahkuna/_tahkuna_2ms_pildid.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/tahkuna/tahkuna_peeter_suur/_peeter_suure_pildid.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/kukeraba/loimastu_1.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/ristna/_ristna-pildid.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/ristna/_ristna_linnak.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/palli/_palli_pildid.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/hiiessaare/gallery.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/hiiessaare/hiiesaare_kasarmud/index.html http://www.mil.hiiumaa.ee/tohvri/_tohvri_pildid.html
  7. At the moment no tanks but the Russian bmp-1. http://www.fmv.se/WmTemplates/Page.aspx?id=4079
  8. It's a 72 gasoline soft top version
  9. Hello every one. My name is Peter I'm 38 years old. Served in the Swedish army in Lebanon and Bosnia. Just finished restoring an 72 UAZ, and I'm hooked, bought an Dodge WC54 ambulance a couple days ago this is my new project, and it will be more after that one.
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