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  1. No thanks Yoz, but I will give you a ride round the field for £5.00. Got the one of them driving yesterday in forward and reverse (a bit Heath Robinson until switches etc arrive). Going to get the other running today hopefully then decide which one to sell once all work complete. Most likely sell the radio jammer unit (chicken hut).
  2. Thanks lads, it all helps with the research. Gonna have a tinker with them and sort the hydraulics out. Engines run fine but they need a good goin over. If anyone has any more info is be glad to hear. 1993 but the looks but could do with manufacturer, model etc. thanks, again.
  3. Good evening, I have always been a fan of military equipment especially heavy stuff but having only owned a C reg ex army Lanny it's been defender it's been a baron few years until today when my brother and I bought two of these. Looks like built in 1993 with a Kubota 2 cyl 600cc engine. When I can figure out sending photos properly I will send some more. But in the meantime any ideas what the hell it is?
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