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New member re Lister Petter Engines

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Hi, my name is Graham, thanks for your welcome. I am trying to help a work colleague with some research, he does not have access to the internet.

He is an enthusiastic collector of Stationary Engines, and his latest purchase would seem to have a WD history, I would be grateful if any HMVF members can pass on any knowledge or info they may have, details of the engine are:


Lister Petter 'A' type 1.5 - 3 hp

Air cooled petrol engine.

Engine No is 308695


WD Brass Plate reads:


A.M. Ref No 4F/1373

Con A 565785/43/C12C


and is marked with the "crows foot"


There is a compressor fitted to the engine. Would like to know what role the engine may have been used for, and by which service. Thanks in anticipation for any help.

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Firstly welcome to the forum, and I hope you enjoy being a member. Being on here is a guaranteed way of finding the answer to anything you want to know.......... military vehicle related.


Try sending a PM to listerdiesel. He has a considerable knowledge and access to records and manuals etc for the various engines. He should be able to help. :)

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AM obviously stands for Air Ministry which would suggest more RAF use than Army.


There must be a WD/RAF catalogue some where showing all the types of stationary engines and small generators in use but I am yet to see one.


I assume you have also asked this question on the Stationary Engine Forum?

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I have Air Publication 2173B Water-Cooled Gasoline Engines for Ground Equipment. There is a Lister section in 3 chapters for Type A, AH & G2. It is dated June 1945 but A & G2 were to be issued later. Quite a lot of detail on the Type AH in the technical description, it was used on the Zwicky pumping equipment on the 450-gallon fuel trailer.


I'll post a pic, if you think it might be similar to yours.


The AM Vocabulary code 4F indicates it is for air compressors & servicing trolleys.

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