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Ford GTB "Burma Jeep"

Bodger Baz

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Found out some details on G503 about this odd ball :-


" I know about this odd vehicle. It belongs to a family in the high desert of Southern California, U.S.A. It is located in a town named Boron, after the primary aggregate that is mined there. The family owns an antique store at a famous crossroads known as 5 points.

I was there last summer to check out the vehicles and antiques in the store. While there I saw it and inquired about the G.T.B./ track, and was told that the original owner lived in a home in a part of the nearby mountains there that receive significant snowfall during the winter. He lived so far in, he needed a vehicle that would not get stuck when he needed to go to town.

I looked at it for a little while and thought that it would not take much to get her running again. The owner did not want to sell it or attempt to make it road worthy either. He said, "No, she has pulled more than her weight in the past and now we just let her rest !"

Luckily the high desert of So. California is a rather arid climate with very clean air and rain, so the truck won't rust away for a long, long time. In fact, the rust you can see is mostly surface rust"

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