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Spotted today....

Richard Farrant

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20 minutes ago, Carl Hughes said:

Hi, I'm glad to say it has gone to a good home, sorry I outbid you but it took me right back to my childhood!! it's going for a light restoration and then will be used for what it was made for and also showed joining the a Scania 82 day cab unit, 113 day cab unit and a 112 sleeper unit along with a FL10 hiab unit and a FM10 unit which are all retired and in various states of restoration.  

Do you intend putting her back in green, or your own colours? Either way do post a couple of pictures

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Spotted what looks like a Militant to me the other day, at a location that was once a scrapyard full of all sorts of military vehicles but was almost entirely cleared some years ago. 
I was too busy to stop and take a photo but here is an image from Google Street View.
No idea as to condition or whether it is for sale but if anybody wants to save it please PM me for the location.



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2 hours ago, jeepfinger said:

Hey Mtskull,

I guess that you are talking about the Brickworks in Bingley? Yeh they had allsorts of stuff there in the 80's. I'm not sure, but I think the Militant is the only MV left.


Dave, you are correct. When I first went there in search of Karrier Bantam spares in about 1980 I was gobsmacked by the variety of types and ages of vehicles in there. Boats and aircraft, too. All cleared very quickly in the late 80’s, sadly.

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Heading south today about 10 miles north of Birmingham heading south on the M6 what looked liked 2 Kublewaggon on a Metcalf Farm low loader, as only person in car no picture, anyone else see them? 

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