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At least five new style WMIK Land Rovers (partially armoured) heading south on the M11 just before the junction with the M25 - the drivers wearing a mixture of Army Combat Helmets and civvie motorcycle helmets. I wonder where they were going? They looked really nice!!

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Hi, I'm glad to say it has gone to a good home, sorry I outbid you but it took me right back to my childhood!! it's going for a light restoration and then will be used for what it was made for and als

Fort Stewart in Georgia I believe. This is one of the Normandy recovered ones which were on display at Commes until recently.

Truckfest Peterborough...

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Two jeeps being towed on the M4 toward London today. One on a trailer, and one on a trangular tow bar.


Also an RB44 and silver car trailing a supacat ATMP at the garage just off black cat roundabout (A1/A421). Very nice they looked too. I nearly turned the same colour green with envy.

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On the move from Duxford to Coventry Transport Museum are a Saracen and a Humber Pig.


Also on their way to a new home at a air museum in Norfolk are a Austin Champ and a Morris armoured car.





Oh and an aero engine:


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It's a real shame to see the Morris go. I wonder what we'll get in to replace it.


It certainly is. They were used as airfield defence for USAAF airfields, so quite an appropriate exhibit I'd have thought. Of course I have no doubt the decision maker was aware of this... :whistle:

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To be fair it had been sat rotting in one of the stores at Duxford. If it's going to a new home where it will be given a new lease of life then that can only be a good thing.

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Well I find it of interest !!

TNT Truck with registration number "1 TNT" then a couple of mins later a British army Tank transporter (unlaiden) - Oshkosh M1070 HET Heavy Equipment Transporter. Both heading north on M42 07:40 hrs today - 3rd October 2012 Note... I did check the TNT Trucks front number plate ..it was 1 TNT (someone out there may be interested !!)


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