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Reporting Live from the Hop Farm

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Doesnt that green around the base of the 9x9 look awful where on earth did you buy that/:-D


I'm colour blind... what colour is it... got it of a tinker:coffee:

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If all goes well i will see you there on saturday with the lorry and trailer. In the mean time you just sit about and take it easy :-D


Will do matey:coffee::-D

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I'm off to the Hop Farm on Sunday -


See you all there - come and say hi - opposite Lee.




Just been there this morning, a hive of activity already. Lee had got his camp set up when I left there.


There was even someone using a lawn mower on their pitch !!!

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Been down there since 0700 'ish this morning, woke Lee up and then went straight in to quiet camping, no chalets at all but there were 3 reindeer who were very inquisitive.

It has been spitting with rain on and off all day but not unpleasant at all, many more folk there this year at this time.


All vehicles unloaded and camp set up, ready for what comes along, if you are bored pop down and have a chat and tea. :coffee:

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Glad I was not driving :sweat::shake:


I'll pop over later for the full story... hope there was no damage to man or machine:shake:


Do you have mobile broadband too Mark?? or do you keep popping home for hot showers & a full English:confused: not a proper camper:coffee:

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Lee, the drivers scope was in when I put it on the low loader, it is a bit of a squeeze getting in the drivers seat with it fitted so I suspect they took it out to unload it. Thanks for moving them!



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