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Belfast 1970s

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Is that your Pig Clive.


Possibly yes, but the chronology is over the place. It is predominantly January 1972 & August 1969 all mixed up.


One of the FV1609s in the 1969 clips has characteristics that match a photo of the time that was definitely mine as I can see the VRN. These characteristics are the paint distribution, non-original wing mirrors & asymmetry of the visors. However most of the FV1609s would have suffered paint aimed at the vision slits, had mirrors broken with non-original replacements & very likely ended up with wonky visors. So I can't be certain of the clips.


But the still photo shows it was certainly there in the Bogside & got a hammering. I wish I could find a picture of my Shorland in action, but that was in Belfast. There seemed to be little coverage of those riots as most of the the world's media had converged on the Bogside.

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