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NSU Kettengrad


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  • 3 weeks later...

Happy Xmas to everyone......:)


Well now that xmas is out of the way i need to start sourcing the parts needed for the Kett and its urgent as we have ground to a halt.




31-6 x24qty

31-7 x24qty

31-9 x48qty

33-6 x10qty

33-3 x10qty


bolts marked RIBE 8x32mm x16qty

a selection of bolts marked RIBE diameter 6 and 8


If anyone has any sites/companies or know of anyone selling Kett parts it would be a great help.



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Ive not been back to this thread recently but what i need is detailed photos of where the wiring passes or even better visit a Kett in France to see it for myself!

The Saumur one unfortunatly is no good as an example as the electrics are bodged!



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yes he is great, I have had a Steyr 1500 body from him, it is excellent. all is work is good. however as you say slow.


I visited him about 5 years ago, we had a boozy lunch and he showed me his collection. Nice guy.


I understand he is looking at getting out of doing German motor bike parts, whether this includes Kettenkrad I do not know.


I was just hoping there may be some parts out here in the rest of the world.


I keep plugging on with Lehar.


thanks for reply.



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