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Just bought a 1940 Ford F15 11 with 3132 miles since new. Need to service and change some fluids.

The spark plugs are champion J10 or J9. Cant get any so does anyone know of any replacement?

I also want to flush the engine and change the oil but I cant find any oil filter. Has anyone ever changed or know if they is an oil filter?

The left petrol tank had been disconnected. I have reconnected it including the petrol switch. I drained the tank and the petrol looked and smelt like varnish. Dont know how long it has been in there but does anyone know if petrol goes like that after time?

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The only equivalent I can find is for a J10Y, the NGK replacement for this is BP6S. Petrol does deteriorate over time and it looks as if this is your problem, it all needs draining and flushing through with fresh fuel.

Sorry can't help with your oil filter question but I think you will find the answer on the Maple Leaf Up forum.

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In our association (UNIVEM PARIS) we own a FORD CANADA F15 with cab number 13 and first model because it own civilian instrument and the push barr is between the cab and the front BUMPER.


I confirm you that there is no oil filter


Regards Serge

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