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Trying to find pictures of a specific jeep

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This is a bit of a long shot but I hope someone out there may have some old pictures/photos of my jeep?!??!


Here is a little of its civilian history that I know of:


It was released from the British Army/Government in 1958 and was bought as surplus by 'Jenners Garage' in Birchington, Kent, UK. A few years later it was use as a breakdown vehicle by a VW Beatle garage in Sturry, near Canterbury. Later on it spent some of its life in private hands in Westgate-on-sea in the 1970s before being sold to a chap in the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent.


The UK civil registration number was 494 CKP and has chassis number 349277.


I do know that a photograph of the jeep in 1974 did exist as that is referred to in one of the documents I have. Any photos/further information on this vehicle post-military (or even Military life - I believe the chassis number puts it around June/July 1944) most welcomed.





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It's very possible that my late friend Dick Pettman had a hand in this Jeep, he's been dealing in Jeeps and spares all his life, he lived in Frant, just south of Turnbridge Wells. But alas, he died 8? years ago.



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