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LRDG Chevi in scale 1:16 RC

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I found this Forum, when i was searching some pic´s of an british personalcarrier.

Than i was reading a lot here and found more and more interesting stuff.

This forum is really asmn and u guys too.


What i try to build, is a collection of vehicles from north africa. I don´t have so much tools and you can find not that much information about allys vehicles here in Germany. Germans don´t know that much allys vehicles. And if, than russian, or american.


But i try to build a modell so correctly as i can do and close to 100% historical correct. The mostly german modelbuilders are building Wehrmacht, cause there u can buy close to anything, also they don´t look that much to vehicles about allys. I don´t no why. Personaly i really like french, british and some other countrys vehicles.


I really grateful for any help


So, thank u very much Kuno

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Yesterday i put the first colour on it. Now, its the Point to make the sign´s on it, so i need to know which one i want to buildt. Did you have pic from "Colonne Leclerc"? Otherwise i try to build Te Anau I or II

Thank u for help

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Manuel; the French Chevrolet has only used the same truck as a basis. But the loading bay is completely different and as well the modifications on the front part are different. Would say that you cannot change it any more without doing major re-work.

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Hi Friends


today i was working at my Modell, First i mixed the colour, than i build the ground out of woud.


After that i build in the elektrical stuff.




there is not so much room for such stuff, so i put it all to the back. More weight on the rear axle, better traction. ;-)




Out of wood i was building some cases




Now, i can do all the details and finishing







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neben dem Sonnenkompass hatten sie stets auch noch einen normelen Kompass mit an Board. Also mal wieder Eigenbau, Durchmesser 6mm




Und fertig montiert




Weiter gings mit den Farben....


Postshadow, Flächen aufgehellt, leichtes Chipping, Filtering, hier und da leichte Rostläufer. Außerdem heißt er nun Te Anau II














Im Innenraum kamen z.T noch Pigmente zum Einsatz.





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Allright Sir than i will fix this. Did u see that i fixed also the weaponholder?


Manuel, Sehr Schon Modelle! Sie muss veil stoss haben in dass fahrzeug :cool2:

Wunderbar arbeit Mein Freund!

Danke fur die Photo's.



Mike. :thumbsup:

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