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LRDG Chevi in scale 1:16 RC

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Hello Friends.

yesterday i start with my new project. It´s in scale 1:16 RC


I used as Basic Modell an Highway 61 Modell. The frame i was building by myself. After i cleand the Body from colour i was modified the grill, and other parts.




the tires and rimes are from an toy. the tires are not really right, but i didnt found better ones.




month ago, i start the same project but this one was for an friend




looks good ?





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thank you :-\




Now i screwed the Body to the Frame.


Also, i removed the little lamps and closed every holes.




The most LRDG´s are righthanddrive, but my basicmodell was an left handdrive. So i modifid it to an right handdrive







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searching pictures of the sting of desert, did somebody can help me ?


i was thinking about to build this vehicle like the sting


thanks for help

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What a brilliant piece of work. I envy model makers ability to do such intricate work with so much detail and precision. Making small parts that look right is very difficult.

I will look forward to seeing it painted. :)

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Manuel; what you are doing is really MODELLING (I can hardly manage to glue plastic parts together...). Fascinating!


Please allow me the remark that due to the type of tires used by the LRDG, the mudguards had to be widened by inserting a parallel strip of metal. Cannot tell you now how much it was but I recal somehow that for the older type of Chevrolet (the WA) it was about 11 cm.

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thanks to all:banana:





Thanks for helping. Well i ´m just an normal modelbuilder, i always try to do the best. But i´m not perfect and i miss a lot of tools to. Every information, will help my to getting better :)


Did You have any Pictures of that?


Well, with the tires its mostly times a big Problem. Cause u can buy any they fit on here. Otherwise i found one Picture, they have pretty the same on their Lrdg´s.

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Hm, thats an good idea, but u think he will help me ? I´m just an modelbuilder.


Didn´t his Chevi was in the Magazin: Military Machines, April 2006 ?

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Manuel; whilst I admit that your tires are not the typical ones used by the LRDG - they areactually not thaaaaat wrong. Once they havd received the first batch of purpose built trucks from Canada, they were equiped with such type of tire.


Unfortunately those tires were everything else than good and burst easily so that several missions had to be stopped and the patrols were forced to return to base to get new tires.


Attached a picture:

Chevrolet 30cwt-020.jpg

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:-D you where faster than me. i have this picture to, but i couldn´t found it that fast und load it up to my server.


Sorry that my english is not that good, but i try to learn it:nut::sweat:

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You really helping me much, thank´s a lot.


But i´ve one more question. i´m searching a long time for an pic auf the rear weapon, espacelly the mount.

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Manuel; Jack is quite often 'on the road' so his answer may come not that quick as you would wish. But I guess that he will be fascinated by your work as me - and obviously many others here in the forum!

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