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Antenna mount


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I am in the latter stages of reconstructing the radio body on the back of my vehicle (WW2 German). I need to mount the antenna vertically to the rear outside wall. The original style of clamp used varied tremendously, however despite looking for a couple of years, I've been unable to locate anything original in a serviceable condition.


Does anyone have any suggestions for an existing mount that could be used or adapted to take a 90mm OD antenna which weighs around 13kg? I've contacted Racal and other manufacturers and they either don't have anything the right size, or what silly amounts of money!


Any suggestions are appreciated.



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These are the best images I have, I'm afraid. I have taken them to local engineering firms to discuss them, but they either want a silly amount of money, or aren't interested.


Ideally I'd like to get the correct pattern made, but I need to watch the costs so a modern substitute will suffice.






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What about the current (or even earlier) 12m mast mountings used by Royal Sigs on the back of their radio bodies as the shank looks very similar sized or if not with an internal collar might fit?




I have tried to locate some thing along these line, but to no avail. The manufacturer does still make them, but they are over £300 a set! Do you have any suggestions as to a dealer who may have some?

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Now I actually have photos of the mounts, it's a lot simpler than I thought. These shouldn't be too hard for someone to manufacture. Could anyone recommend a company that may be willing to undertake this? There are a few place local to me, but if someone knows a firm they've used before...


Here are some photos from a surviving Kfz17 in Germany.









Antenna mount 1.jpg

Antenna mount 2.jpg

Antenna mount 3.jpg

Antenna mount 4.jpg

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