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My « PSEUDO » will be Serge and I was born in NORTH of AFRICA 63 years ago and now I live near PARIS in FRANCE.

My first connexion with world war two military vehicle occurs when I was 5 years old.

My father was loocking to buy a truck and he led me in a French military camp where a lot of truck should be released.

I remember that there was mainly CANADIAN TRUCKS (CHEVROLET and FORD CMP, DODGE T110 and also French lorries as FORD F798, CITROEN P45)

“In fine” my father bought a DODGE T110 D60 L5 with a steel body and with light stone paint. Maybe was it a relic of the eight army of MONTGOMERY.

Some 40 years later I found an other DODGE T110 in south of FRANCE. During my visit of the scrap yard I discovered two FORD CANADA F60L.

I bought one of them and the DODGE T110. After restoring the DODGE, I used it for the main meeting in FRANCE (LE PAS DE CALAIS LIBERE) where every year we meet british military vehicle collector.

I am an daily reader of the MAPPLE LEAF FORUM and some time I post a reply to some threat.

As you asked me, I join pics of my two canadian lorries. I own also a DODGE WC51 late model (composite body) and a JEEP M38A1C (C because it was used with 106 mm gun).

I am an "active member" since near 25 years of MVCG PARIS ILE DE FRANCE.

Regards Serge



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We are NARWAL Dutch publishers of photobooks.We are currently looking for a restoration project of a Dodge T110 for volume 2 of our book Frituur Zorro Restorations. Are you interested to join us and have your project in our book? Different stages should be photographed. The books are a great succes and sold all over Europe. Below you will find our addresses, www.narwal.eu shows what we publish

cover restorations 2.jpg

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