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M26 Pacifics at Retromobile Paris

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Not just one...but two! M26 Pacific Dragon wagons at the Retromobile show in Paris this week...not much else military there, the Tank museum at Samur stand had a Hotchkiss Jeep with rocket launchers, and a Kettenkrad, while Jeepvillage .com were showng their new! yes new ww2/hotchkiss Jeep built from new parts for sale at eur 29'500 !!

general pics 301.jpg

general pics 302.jpg

general pics 303.jpg

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I am a new user of this forum. I send you two pics of the PACIFIC M26 before sending at RETROMOBILE in PARIS last week : A hub and the truck lifted. One of them was in the convoi in SEPTEMBER at meeting "LE PAS DE CALAIS LIBERE".

Our club owns a trailer but this one is toolarge and stay at the garage.

Regards Serge



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The two PACIFIC arrived at RETROMOBILE loaded on trailer and with single wheels at the rear. Nevertheless, due to the extra dimension (without the tadem) a special paper should be asked for the travel. With the tadem (double rear wheels) the overflowing is toolarge. I can display a pic with the tandem mounted


regards Serge

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