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Scammell Amazon

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Who has a piccy, or can say why they have it?


Do you mean the FVRDE/RARDE/MVEE?


As I understand it, they had both of the Amazons (LOO/YPL) and their trailers for moving new or modified tracked vehicles, guns, etc from Chobham/ Chertsey to various ranges and other places without having to rely on other Army regiments.

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As I'm new to HMVF can any one tell me if the Amazon reg YPE that was in Kent been restored?

I used to drive both LOO 584V and YPE from Chertsey, YPE came to us from Shoeburyness sometime around the late 1970s and LOO remained with us until passed to the REME museum around 2001.

Both vehicles differed in certain respects and they both had different trailers, we disposed of them once we had the then new ERF and Andover trailer up and running which has itself now gone.

Chertsey finally closed it's doors as an MoD site on 30th January 2004, I was the last one out and I made a point of turning the light out.

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