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quotes from films...


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Can't be 4arsed. I've got to watch the corporal and his sister at their ATC awards presentation evening. The house stinks of Dubbin' We used to blame the cat.


Or is it


True Grit?


Fill Your Hands You Son Of A Bitch.

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Not quite. Here is a bit more from the same scene:


"They handed him over to us, but we were so busy, a lot on, we put him in cold storage for a while, didn't we? Nearly a Month before we got round to him. Was it a month? yes, it was a Month, wasnt it?


Finally we questioned him and when he recovered we questioned him again. We thought he might be an English spy. But he kept telling us he worked for SS counter intelligence. But we didnt beleive you, didnt we, mmm? No we didn't.


If you have any more like him in the SS, I would keep him at home if i were you".


Any ideas?


Tim (too)

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