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In the woods today!!!


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Suprised CW's not been asking about the BOAT,...........any info, Mark ??



I was told the boat was used by the Dutch Army for moving sections of a floating bridging unit.


If anyone is interested, any of the vehicles can be brought to War and Peace. Although they look in a state of dis-repair, they are technically good and all runners. The majority of items were purchased from the US Army. They can be fully prepared and sprayed. My knowledge of the chap is he is a dealer but very honest. (Not saying others aren't by the way).


Be aware that Reo's command good prices in Europe. The chap had just sold a real rust bucket for 3500 euros. The chap who brought it was informed of the condition and was pretty much on the ball when it came to checking over the vehicle. He said he wanted a basket case for a nut and bolt restoration.


Any interested parties can PM me for details.

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Gamma Goats are the doggies danglies -


For a fully restored one - plan to pay around the £15000 mark.


The nice looking one is nearly completed apart from a few minor bits and pieces. It shall be making an appearence at War and Peace this year.


Being driven from Frankfurt to Beltring. Does about 50 mph and the fuel consumption is rather very good.



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So what are you donig in Germany?

Scouting to invade?



I was in Germany to see my good friend Hans - (co-owner of the FV432 and a number of his own vehicles - the Gamma being one of them).


And of course to sample German hospitality and see if I could find any ITTT -


International Top Turret Totty!!!

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