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A few more happy snaps. The lift pump is still messing around for some reason so it hasn't been driven very far yet.


A very nice job!:thumbsup: I had trouble with my lift pump, the engine would run ok, untill you asked for power, then it would just die, there turned out to be a split in the diaphram, fitted a new one and its fine now.



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Great job Jim, can't for the day when i can take ours out for a spin




Nice one Jim ! Thanks for the video link ! Smashing seeing her back on the road ! Excellent job and congratulations on a lovely restoration ! :D:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Fantastic to see it finished and a fabulous job you've made of it.


I'm nearly as green as the truck, with envy.


Quite like the plain look without markings, may go that way with the Ward.

It's always easier to change your mind later and add markings than remove them I suppose.

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I just in the process of putting the rad from my Scammell back together, and knowing you had yours apart i have a question.

I'm presuming you had new rubber gaskets made, but did you use any sort of sealer with them?

I'm using a silicone sealant to seal the rubber gaskets and as i do the joint up it seams to push the gasket out, its better since we took it all apart, cleaned it and tried again with less sealer, but is still a problem.

Can the joint be expected to seal with no sealant?

Have you got any pointers?


Cheers, Richard

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One last thing - I spent rather a lot of time when I should have been doing money earning work recreating the instruction label which goes on the top of the engine cover. There was some traces of this left on ours but very little so this was taken from the earlier brass plate that Niels posted on here a couple of months back.


The plan is to have it printed as a water slide transfer - I've had this done for a few things in the past and they print very well. I'll get the two little ones which go on the bulkhead telling you which neutral to use done in the same way.


However, I have never seen a complete one so can anyone comment on the accuracy of it. This is just a quick and dirty conversion to a wee .jpg image so the colour isn't right. Thoughts?


Has anyone got a photo of what it should look like?






That threw me a bit as well Mike but its what was written on Niels' plate that he was good enough to photograph and send me a copy of. A little research in the oxford dictionary leads me to believe this isnt a typo but in fact as it would have been written back in the day.

[h=1]shew (shew)[/h]

Pronunciation: /ʃəʊ/



  • old-fashioned spelling of show






I have just completed the artwork in Illustrator for an exact copy of the plate and will be engraving it on a nice piece of brass for my own 2 pioneers. Will put up a picture or two once done.

As for whether these plates were standard issue or not... Well both my pioneers have holes drilled on the the top of the engine cover which would be about the same dimensions as the plate on Niels' one so I wouls hazard a guess to say yes they were.



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As Andy says, a nice tidy winch rope. At the Workshops were I worked, we had a chap who would fit new eyes in the ropes for me, whipping the ends and binding them like that, much nicer to see than the swaged ends.


Just out of interest, how long would this take to do?


Nice to see such care over details, propper job!

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