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Dangers of driving on dark mornings.

Tony B

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The cold weather having disappeared, at least temporarily, gone to rain and high winds. Bimbiling happily down from Orpington station the fences around the Tesco building site had blown down, so I was keeping my little red bus very close to the high central reservation, came round a bend, OH F&*(($$$$ HELL and B$£%%^&*( THERE'S A BODY in the middle of the ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stood on the brakes, stuck one foot through the floor, stuck hands out of window scraping finger nails on taramac stood bus on it's nose , passengers hanging on screaming epithethets and prayers.


So eyes shut heart going like sledge hammer, Oh PLEASE. DEAR GOD ! let me have stopped in time! Large brown stain on seat!





Finally plucked up courage to look.






There lying across the road






Was a child sized store clothes dummy!!!!!!

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Told you we would get you when you least expected it.:-DHow many weeks off can you have with trauma,have you been offered councelling.

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:cry: All I got was sevral ephiepts from passengers, though most saw the point and we all ended up creased with laughter and relif. the reaction from 'Them above' was 'you haven't damaged the bus have you?' :n00b:

Oh and a few free teas at the canteen for the laugh.

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I left work on a dark cold Decmber night with almost zero visibility in freezing fog. Down the B road I passed a police car protecting an abandoned crashed car partly blocking the road.


About 1/3 mile further I came across a black bin bag in the road with a shoulder and arm sticking out - the hand was missing :shake: At this point my imagination started working overtime, and I decided not to get out to look further:shake:


I turned around and drove bak to plod who said he could not leave the car but would radio in for help. I turn around and set off for home. I drove cautiously past the sinister bag.


Another 1/3 mile along I came across another bag in the road - oh heck, this one had a head poking out :shake: I stopped by it and contemplated what might have happened to the victim. It then dawned on me that the person had very large ears :shake: It then dawned on me that the ears were very bristley and pointed :shocked: It then dawned on me that it was a pig's head :embarrassed:


So I drove back to plod and gave him the good news. He was pretty relieved as once I had left him all alone the first time he had started to get rattled too - it was just one of those really spooky nights.........:sweat:

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My old man has become soething of an omen of doom in the valley where he live as within the space of about 9 months he found a missing person at the end of his lane (she'd commited suicide by hanging herself under a bridge), found a man who'd died trying to change the wheel on hs car on the narrow valley road where he lives and another who had a heart attack moments before dad appeared and later died in hospital...

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There a place in Wiltshire, can't remember name wher over the years near a place called the 'Trouble Inn', where over the years a serious of road acidents have been blamed on ahorseman riding down the middle of the road. no person is ever found and it is belived to be the ghost of a Cavalier killed in an incident at the inn. Some years back there were a serious of crashes on the bridge over the Thames at Hampton Court. Going south to north there is a very slight bend in bridge, drivers, nearly always MALE, kept hitting the bridge.


The answer was found!!


As you go over the bridge you looked into the second floor of the riverside cottages. One well built lady had a habit of excersing in her bedroom with the curtains open, not overly covered! :cool2:

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