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Need pics & info an Allis Chalmers B aka Tractor Light M-2


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I have the opportunity to buy a 1942 Allis Chalmers B farm type tractor. There are some indications that it may have once been the AC Military Light Tractor M-2. This is from what looks like residual OD under the red then yellow then orange. Also there is holes drilled in a pattern where a dataplate may have been and larger holes which may have assisted in the mounting of the brush guard.


I am looking for any pictures of restored or period pictures of that tractor.


Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Attached is a picture from the TM to aid in identification.


Many Thanks,




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From what I can see of the posted pics the brushguard fits existing mounting points. Not sure what the attachment is on the steering colum - fire extinguisher maybe?

The second pic showing the hitch suggests that it's fitted worryingly high, I wonder how many flipped over?

What little info I have suggests it was used as an aircraft tug. It wouldn't be moving very fast. Since this model B had hand brakes and only weighed 1,900 pounds dry, I would be careful moving heavy cargo around.

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