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My Militant in Sand Colour.

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While doing a "Google" for AEC Militant I came across these two pictures of my Militant.


This one was taken at a Military Vehicle Rally at DLI Museum Durham August 2003.



But this one is the one I find most interesting, taken at the same Rally but in 2002.



Hmmm...do I re-spray it sand? :wink:




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Hello Tyler and Chris,


Tyler, yes sand certainly does make a difference to the usual green and black. I've found with the Ferret though that "sand" is much harder to keep clean. And the general public would think it was it was for the Gulf War rather than Aden.


Chris, the Militant has got 15-00 X 20 tyres, I think the Martian runs on 14-00's. We got 4 new tyres for the Militant off Ebay, £136 for all four!

There's a firm advertises in the MV Magazines, The British Rubber Company, I think. The regualarly have 15's and 14.00 X 20 in stock @ about £165 each. But they're normally the Russian "chocolate box" directional tread rather than Bar-Grips.


The old Leyland Martian is one heck of a beast by the way! :wink:




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