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New Member from Vancouver Island


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Hi all,


Great web site/forum. There is a wealth of information here....


My name is Mike and I live on Vancouver Island, Canada. (one of the colonies:)) I presently own a 1942/43 Dodge WC51 (not sure yet #81603648) and a 1949 CJ3A. I want more Mil/Vehs, but I ran out of room in my garage. Both items are in full restoration mode, but since I have two small children, who can't use a grinder yet, the projects are idled at the moment.


I look foward to reading through the forum and asking questions. Take care and a Happy New Year to all.:-D



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No, just strong black tea.....


Right now the Island isn't that nice to live. We've had almost 3 feet of snow in the past 2 weeks. This is definitely not normal for us....Global warming, yah right, what drugs was that scientist on:banghead:


Mike :-D

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Nice to have you here Mike. I haven't been on the island since 2002, but it is one of my favourite places. It's always a pleasure to build up the Canadian branch on HMVF - so welcome to the Friendly Forum. There are or have been a few other lads from BC on the forum - some of them Western Command Association members from BC. Maple Leaf Up!



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