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Great show! Was the best show we have been too this year - didn't get a chance to get of the stand until 14:00 when Paul stood in so I could get to the gents:sweat:


Great to of met some many folks for the first time, Commander (if you want to park that bike somewhere - then Dorset isn't that far away), Cripp stalked me this time (Lee wasn't there), nice to see Miss Jeep and Mr Jeep we need to talk :cool2:.


Apologies to Mark for taking care of his wallet :coffee: and look forward to meeting up with Nigel again for the Overloon trip. Was well looked after by Stencil Tony and his good lady (biscuits next time - you know the rules!) and will book into the same hotel as you guys next time. GWT ignored me:argh: and Jim and Martin for Allied Forces didn't take the p*ss to much....Ian Young from MMI came and introduced himself and wanted to know more about tanks in town...:-D


All in all - very impressive show, well organised and slick.


- for the record Stencil Tony looked pretty bad by late afternoon....reckons he only had 9-10 pints on Saturday night :shocked:

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