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How to tie the rope and how to put on vehicle markings


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On my dodge WC51 I've got a fairly large rope to tie on my front bumper, the question is how to put it on? Was it done in a special manner or did nobody care?


Also, what's the best way to put on new vehicle markings? I've got myself a can of white spray paint but not stencil letters yet. When I got them, what's the trick in doing it the right way, the first time?

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Putting a rope on the bumper is not that good an idea if you want the rope to last,they deteriorate very quickly due to the action of weather.

Ropes should always be cleaned and dried after use and stored in a cool dark place, even with heavy use as long as they are treated correctly they will last almost indefinitely.

Originally the number's were only 'dusted' on not thickly painted, so an aerosol is the ideal way to get the correct finish.

Hope this helps.






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Hi MM,


Although there are exceptions to the rule,generally in service ropes were not carried wrapped around the bumper for the reasons Degsy mentions above,in WW2 photos you will see very few examples of ropes being carried in this way.





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I don't know what "dusting" means, but when I need to apply vehicle markings, I make up a stencil and pat on the paint using a sponge lightly dipped in the right colour. Practice makes perfect, but it's not hard and unless you want to use plastic lettering, it is a good alternative which leaves an authentic finish and avoids the possibility of having an aerosol finish blow through and around your stencil.


I've only recently put a rope around the bumperettes on my WC55/52, but we don't get lashings of rain here and the vehicle is always garaged apart from its (almost) monthly outings. The rope for me is mostly an embellishment rather than a working tool, but is there and has spliced eyes, in case I need to be towed in an emergency.




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