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We have just finished making the canvas covers for the Humber pictured below. As you can see the frame on the pickup body lifts off to form a radio shack (we think, as this is a radio truck)










There is a communication tube between the cab and rear body. The "windows" are made from copper mesh as per original.







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Thanks for all your kind comments,we do not own this vehicle therefor do not know much about its history or use in WW2. As many of you know our collection here is all American WW2 vehicles but I must admit I did fall in love with this truck.Thanks for the pic Les I dont think we have seen that one before.

CW, not sure what shows the owner will be atending but I am sure it will be out and about next year.


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Hi Jim


From memory, that Humber was originally restored by Mike Spicer .. I have a few older pics of it finished in light Stone - desert yellow .


The 8 cwt class was pioneered by Morris-Commercial in 1936, with the Mk 1 PU . That is a very neat sewing job.. could you make one for me !


Mike in Australia

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Jim as a addition to the last photo thought this would interest you its a very early Morris 8cwt with many different features to the full production cab although the body had not changed from the first, its most likely a 1936 model and the wireless body was in the design from the start


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