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When I did mine this year it was a case of:



  • Pull away with correct signals and full observations
  • Drive around the test area using full observations
  • Pull up behind a parked vehicle using correct signals and full observations.
  • Pull out from behind theparked vehicle safely using correct signals and full oberservations
  • Pull up the far side of a marked entrance using correct signals and full observations
  • Reverse into the marked entrance safely using full observations and without hitting the markers.
  • Pull out of the marked entrance using correct signals and full observations such that you are headed in the opposite direction.
  • Perform an emergency stop
  • Pull away form the emergency stop using correct signals and full observations.
  • Perform a 360 deg turn using correct signals and full observations
  • Park the vehicle safely using correct signals and full observations.
  • Answer a set of theory questions from the highway code relating to use and movement of tracked vehicles.



For "full observations" read your head is moving constantly between the ahead, left and right mirrors and left and right side views and, when doing the reversing getting out of the drivers seat and walking to the rear of the vehicle to ensure the road is clear. The bit in red is the bit I failed on!!!! I just checked mirrors before pulling away from the emergency stop and this was classed as insufficient observations, graded as a major safety issue and thus a failure point.

I took mine with Nick Mead at Tanks-A-Lot in a 432 on an off-road course.


Best of luck with your test mate!

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MSM Mirror Signal, Mash 'em! With something that size DON'T forget to look DOWN to the side before moving off, commonly known as Left Right and Spit. As said, look Mister Examiner, this is my Noddy dog imitation. And FOR the LOVE of ********* IF you DON'T hear an instruction properly, ASK them to repeat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another useful one told to me by my instructor, take a couple of Asprin about 2 hours before the test. you will be tense and it just relaxs the muscles.

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Thanks for all the advice, it all helps. having not long done my C+E i can still hear my instructor talking to me!! "check em in" get that mirror" "nockers on that!!!"


what sort of questions on the highway cade? cant seem to find any specific track laying items in the highway code?





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Yes if you are doing it on the open road.


Did mine in a Cat D6. In a Royal Engineer Plant Yard.

Easiest test ever.

Start up after checks.

Travel forward 10 yards, Slew right travel 10 yards, Slew Left travel 10 yards and Stop.

Reverse back the way you came.



Did a refresh a number of years later in a Sultan On the A1 / A61 / A167 circuit from RAF Leeming.

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Good advice from the forum as ever.


I took mine civvy H test using a 432. On observation, I stood up in the driver's seat to check all round and was careful to be observing all round from start to end of test. In other words, I knew if there was a pedestrian anywhere near. I don't think getting out helps much because by the time you get back in someone else could have got in one of your numerous blind spots!


If you have passed a C+E recently you should have no difficulty. However, watch the key difference with an H vehicle, ie a track laying vehicle steered by its tracks. When you pull away from rest near the kerb, be very careful not to swing the rear into the kerb because that would be a serious failure.


John Attlee

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Did mine with Specialist Training up at Beccles in Norfolk - was last man in - and got a double length test!!! All came together on the day, got a totally clear round on the first and forgot to switch back to forwards gear after the reverse manouevre on the second. That was in a Sultan.

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